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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water


Green financing

Green and Climate Financing

A comprehensive article on green financing was published in Living Asia online ecojournal. It answers the main questions of why fossil fuels will be divested, why it is important to know about green and climate financing, and who finances green initiatives.


never sea

Never more

"Aralsk had everything to make it a real port – it was always in a bustle with its harbor, a shipyard, a fish processing plant, a railroad nearby, and garrisons all around it. Aralsk was sort of 'a city-in-the-city'- completely self-sustainable. Sailors were walking in the streets, there were always visitors from different Soviet Republics, there was an extensive diversity of nations living there." This is a description of the Aral Sea region back in mid-twentieth century. Then, a disaster occurred. The human-caused disaster.


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