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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water

The EU assists Turkmenistan in Environmental Project Management


The EU assists Turkmenistan in Environmental Project Management

ASHGABAT – 12 national environmental experts of Turkmenistan took part in the workshop “Strategic Project Management and Financing for Environmental Projects” to learn about development and preparation of environmental project proposals.

A three-day workshop was organised by the European Union funded project "EU-Central Asia Enhanced Regional Cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water" (WECOOP). During this training, the participants discussed main principles and the role of strategic project management in development and environmental management, particularly in climate change and resource efficiency areas. They also considered a number of international case studies in environmental policy and capacity-building and will learn about funding types, such as grants, loans, equity projects, etc. The group exercises were also conducted to train the national experts on identification and preparation of project proposals.

WECOOP Team Leader Mr Valts Vilnitis: “Since March this year, our project experts have travelled several times to Central Asian countries, met and discussed the environmental projects with national experts and government officials. During our meetings, we understood that there was a gap between priorities as understood by the national stakeholders and priorities as seen by the international financial institutions. To tackle this issue, we have developed a project activity “Tailor-made support for investment project identification and preparation for consideration by IFIs”. This training is part of that activity. We are trying to assist in translating policies into investment. It is our second meeting in Turkmenistan. We work closely with the State Committee for Nature Protection and we very much appreciate the openness and hospitality we are always met here with.”

As a result of the workshop, the participants learnt how to prepare the project proposals relevant and eligible for international financing.

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