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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water

EU-supported water policy platform celebrates 10 years in Tajikistan

Tajikistan water

EU-supported water policy platform celebrates 10 years in Tajikistan

DUSHANBE – Today, more than 60 representatives of various national stakeholders and donor organisations gathered at the 15th National Policy Dialogue (NPD) Steering Committee meeting to discuss the achievements of the NPD on Integrated Water Resources Management platform, which is celebrating 10 years anniversary this year.

Achievements and challenges in implementing the Water Sector Reform Programme 2016-2025 were reported and discussed at the meeting. As a further step, the National Water Strategy 2030, drafted with the support of the European Union (EU) to set strategic priorities for the development of the water sector, was also presented and discussed. These reforms assist Tajikistan in shifting its water resources management from administrative to the basin management principle.

The basin management principle forms the core of the EU Water Framework Directive and the EU has been sharing its rich experience accumulated in the past decades to assist Tajikistan in modernizing its water resources management. The shift to the basin management will also ensure decision-making at the proper local level and by wide groups of stakeholders.

The EU reiterated its commitment to support the water sector reforms in Tajikistan and in the Central Asian region. The meeting gathered a wide range of stakeholders and was organised with the support of the EU-funded project “EU-Central Asia Enhanced Regional Cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water” (WECOOP).

The participants also discussed possible options to promote public-private partnerships in the water and sanitation sector of Tajikistan based on experiences shared by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, international projects operating in Tajikistan, as well as representatives of the private sector.

Support to reducing pressure on water and energy resources has been identified as one of the key issues under the partnering for resilience priority of the new EU Central Asia Strategy as adopted in the Joint Communication by the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on 15 May 2019. The future EU-supported activities in Tajikistan, including under the NPD process within the next phase of the WECOOP project, will contribute to addressing this strategic priority.

Background:The platform National Policy Dialogue on Integrated Water Resources Management was set up in 2009 under the EU Water Initiative (EUWI) framework to facilitate regular stakeholder consultations on vital water policy reforms.The EU has been providing support to the NPD process and various activities on the ground through a combination of national and regional actions and has been playing an important role in supporting reforms in the development of national water policy and in making investments into better access to safe water along with International Financial Institutions.

Photo by Emma Charreire

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