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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water

WECOOP capacity building instruments were discussed at Central Asian Leadership Programme


WECOOP capacity building instruments were discussed at Central Asian Leadership Programme

ALMATY - The 9th Central Asian Leadership Programme on Environment and Sustainable Development (CALP) was launched in Almaty on 17 September 2018. During one week, 32 young specialists from Central Asia and Afghanistan passed a course on ecology, environmental management, regional cooperation and leadership.

The 9th CALP was conducted by the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia in cooperation with UNEP and with the support of USAID, World Bank, the European Union, OSCE, UNESCO and German-Kazakh University.

The event agenda included sessions on the following thematic areas: conservation of biodiversity; management of solid domestic waste; interconnection of water, energy, food security; water diplomacy. Separate sessions were devoted to the development of leadership, as well as to global and regional initiatives and platforms for cooperation in the field of environment and sustainable development. Participants received more detailed lectures on environmental protection and management. And on the last day of the programme, the young leaders went to the solid waste processing plant, the power station of the AEI and the eco-settlement in Almaty region (official source: CAREC).

In the video address to the participants of CALP, Mr Johannes Stenbaek Madsen, Head of Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan, pointed out the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development policies, both within the EU Member States and for its partner countries. The EU renders support to the countries of Central Asia through the existing EU-CA Platform for Environment and Water Cooperation which is supported by the EU-funded Project on "EU-Central Asia Enhanced Regional Cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water (WECOOP)". As water and energy resources in Central Asia are highly imbalanced, Mr Madsen also spoke of another EU-funded project "Nexus" which is aimed at facilitating sustainable and climate-resilient investments for increased Water-Energy-Food Security in Central Asia. 

WECOOP Team Leader Mr Valts Vilnitis also took part in this event and delivered the presentation "WECOOP – an instrument to facilitate EU-CA cooperation on climate change and environment and to support environmental project identification and development". His speech was focused on the tailor made support for investment project identification and preparation for consideration by IFIs in Central Asia, as well as the capacity building instruments such as tailor made training events, Investors Guide and Regional Knowledge Centre developed by the project team with the EU's support. 


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