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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water

Air Quality Management training in Nur-Sultan

More than 20 Kazakh national experts, representatives of ministries and industries were trained and learned from the EU experience on air quality management as part of the EU’s tailor-made support to Central Asia (CA) on environmental project preparation. The training is organized by the EU-funded project WECOOP in cooperation with International Green Technologies and Investments Centre (IGTIC) and aims to assist Kazakhstan in improving its air quality monitoring and management capabilities.


1. Valts Vilnitis and Julija Doktorova, WECOOP: Introduction to the training

2. Valts Vilnitis: About WECOOP

3. Julija Doktorova: Air quality management system

4. Julija Doktorova: Air quality standards

5. Julija Doktorova: Monitoring

6. Julija Doktorova: Emission inventories

7. Julija Doktorova: Air quality modeling basics

8. Julija Doktorova: Industrial model

9. Julija Doktorova: Industrial model practical examples

10. Julija Doktorova: Emission monitoring and industrial monitoring

11. Julija Doktorova: Urban model

12. Julija Doktorova: Urban model practical examples

13. Valts Vilnitis and Julija Doktorova: Latvian experience

14. Julija Doktorova: Odour

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This project is funded by the European Union

And implemented by a consortium led by