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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water


Kazakhstan: National Water Policy Dialogue Working Group meets in Astana

A meeting of the Working Group on National Water Policy Dialogue was held in Astana on 6 December to prepare the upcoming Inter-Ministerial Coordination Council. The Team Leader of the project, Anatoly Pichugin, outlined in his presentation the three main project components: policy advice, capacity building, and strengthening of cooperation, mapping and networking.


Kazakhstan: National Water Partnership meeting organised in Almaty

A meeting to discuss water policy developments in Kazakhstan was co-organised by the project in Almaty on 25 November. The meeting was part of the National Water Policy Dialogue, launched in cooperation with the EU Water Initiative to offer continuous advice and enable expert discussion on water governance. The project sought to support national dialogues in addition to regional cooperation on climate change and environment. For this particular dialogue, the project partnered with UNECE and OECD.



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