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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water

WECOOP Workshop on Environmental Monitoring and Information Systems in Vienna

A one-week workshop "Environmental Monitoring and Information Systems with focus on Environmental priority areas Air and Waste” was supported by the EU-funded project "EU-Central Asia Enhanced Regional Cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water" (WECOOP) and co-organised with the Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt – UBA). UBA as a consortium partner of the WECOOP project also hosted the group of Uzbek representatives during this study tour to Vienna on 15-19 October 2018.

The workshop provided an overview of the environmental monitoring and information systems in the EU and interactive sessions, e.g. scenario development for monitoring systems in the fields of air quality and waste collection/treatment monitoring. The parties also discussed and defined key features of the potential future system for Uzbekistan.


1. Johannes Mayer, UBA: About Environment Agency Austria

2. Johannes Mayer, UBA: Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) in Europe

3. Alexey Karaev, Uzbekistan State Committee for Environment and Nature Protection: Current Environmental Monitoring Situation in Uzbekistan

4. Johannes Mayer, UBA: Data management approaches in key thematic areas

5. Valts Vilnitis, WECOOP: Environmental Information Systems in the Baltic Countries

6. Brigitte Karigl, UBA: Austrian Monitoring System in the Waste Sector Waste generation, collection & transportation, recovery and disposal

7. Maria Krasteva, UBA: Bulgarian Experience

8. Alexey Karaev, Uzbekistan State Committee for Environment and Nature Protection: Waste Management in Uzbekistan

9. Christian Nagl, UBA: Air quality monitoring system

10. Thomas Dirnböck, UBA: Zöbelboden Integrated Monitoring Station

11. Thomas Dirnböck, UBA: Site description of LTER and Integrated Monitoring ZÖBELBODEN

12. Katharina Lenz, UBA: Waste water monitoring and treatment in Austria

13. Timo Doerrie, UBA: Contaminated Sites Management

14. Timo Doerrie, UBA: The HCB Scandal – Contamination of the GÖRTSCHITZTAL

15. Valts Vilnitis & Julija Doktorova, WECOOP: Air Quality Management Principles

16. Valts Vilnitis & Julija Doktorova, WECOOP: Introduction to Pollution Dissemination Model on the Level of Cities

17. Maria Krasteva, UBA: Waste Classification

study tour

This project is funded by the European Union

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