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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water

Strategic Project Management and Financing for Environmental Projects: training in Ashgabat

The European Union funded project WECOOP organised a three-day training "Strategic Project Management and Financing for Environmental Projects" for national experts in Turkmenistan. During this training, the participants discussed main principles and the role of strategic project management in development and environmental management, particularly in climate change and resource efficiency areas.


1. Workshop work programme

2. Anatoly Krutov, WECOOP: The EU-funded project WECOOP

3. Nune Harutyunyan, WECOOP: Project Management Strategies and Principles

4. Nune Harutyunyan, WECOOP: International Financial Institutions of Financial and Technical Support for Projects

5. Anatoly Krutov, WECOOP: Regional Knowledge Centre web-platform

6. Nune Harutyunyan, WECOOP: Project Cycle Management

7. Nune Harutyunyan, WECOOP: Project Preparation

8. Nune Harutyunyan, WECOOP: Development of Project Proposals

9. Nune Harutyunyan, WECOOP: IFCA, GEF, GCF



This project is funded by the European Union

And implemented by a consortium led by