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Enhanced regional cooperation on Environment, Climate Change and Water

Water Quality Management training in Dushanbe

Representatives of the Committee for Environment under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and its regional administrations took part in a three-day WECOOP training on water quality management. The participants were trained and learned from the European Union experience and legislation on water quality management as part of the EU’s tailor-made support to Central Asia on environmental project preparation.


Day 1

1. Anatoly Krutov, WECOOP: Work programme

2. Anatoly Krutov: About WECOOP

3. Toomas Pallo, WECOOP: Water Framework Directive

4. Juris Laicans, WECOOP: Drinking Water Directive 

5. Juris Laicans: Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive 

6. Toomas Pallo: Ground Water Directive 

7. Toomas Pallo: Bathing Water Directive and Flood Directive

8. Juris Laicans: Latvia's experience in transiting from the old to a new water quality management system 

Day 2

9. Anatoly Krutov: Project cycle and preparation

10. Juris Laicans: Project phases: Feasibility study 

11. Juris Laicans: Water Supply and Sewage Services Development Project Riga, Latvia

12. Juris Laicans: Water Supply and Sewage Services Development Project, Daugavpils, Latvia

13. Toomas Pallo: River Basin Management Plan

Day 3

14. Anatoly Krutov, Toomas Pallo: Basin Organisations and Practical examples of transition to basin management

15. Juris Laicans: Latvia's experience in River Basin Management Plan

This project is funded by the European Union

And implemented by a consortium led by